Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Little Anderson Hot Spring, Idaho

Note on this particular article: My friend at Idaho Hot Springs, Josh, maintains a great site and I've avoided posting on the hot springs in Idaho, preferring to defer to his website . . . which get rave reviews. However, on reading this latest update on Little Anderson Hot Springs (and the terrible condition they are in) I felt it about time to further spread Joshs' reviews through my blog. So what follows is from the Idaho Hot Springs site. To delve deeper into Hot Springs in the State of Idaho, visit Joshs' site. He has a wealth of information.

Boise National Forest Overall Rating: D
3,200 ft Water Temperature: 102°
Garden Valley, ID (2mi) Usage Level: Heavy - trash everywhere

General Description
Almost a decade ago Little Anderson hot spring was once hailed by hot springers as a stellar soak. The hot springs pool and surrounding area was kept clean by the locals, and even at one time had a multi-year caretaker from New Zealand. As of Y2K, this hot spring suffers an entirely different fate. ATVs of all types have shredded the area, the evidence is unfortunately very evident and visible everywhere. Hunters and anglers have left trash and animal remains all over the primitive sites. And the hot springs... is in even worse condition.

The cinder blocks that once lined the pool have long-sunk into the ground, which has allowed the pool to spread out. The source-fed pool bottom features a healthy mix of algae, silt, trash and some sand.

Dates Visited: Trash Levels: Bug Levels:
04.08.07 EXTREME very light
09.02.02 EXTREME light

Water Clarity:
Low - Murky

Low while sitting - High while standing

None Noticed

Wildlife Sighted: Deer and Elk

Seasonal Notes
Be wary of the mud and rock slides that are a common occurrence along the Banks-Lowman Highway. The dirt road to Little Anderson off the Banks-Lowman Highway is not maintained and often impassible during the winter season.

Camping Notes
Plenty of Boise National Forest camping nearby, no sites next to the hot springs.


I had my fingers crossed. It didn't work though, shoot! After 5 years I had hoped Little Anderson Hot Spring was in better shape. I was wrong. More trash, ATV damage everywhere and the hot spring pool and surrounding area was even more trashed. Someone cut down a tree and threw it into the pool along with a bunch of other garbage. Poor Little Anderson. I would need a week out here with a few more sets of hands just to pick up all of the trash, for starters. Once upon a time (see 04.17.03 update), LA was clean and clear. Not so anymore. If you are in the area, drop by, fill up a couple bags - we'll eventually get all of that crap out of there!
Rating D-

UPDATE: Little Anderson hasn't always been trashed. Recent discussion with a long-time local spoke of days when this HS was as clear as a bell. Apparently a lady from New Zealand used to be somewhat of a caretaker of LA. She, allegedly, is responsible for the care of many of Idaho's HS once upon a time. She drove and camped her way from one to the next, all the while rebuilding, restoring and removing trash from the hot springs. I wish more people could at least pick up trash or restrain from littering. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that 'like' minds will prevail. I still remember how sad of shape it was in during my last visit.

Not too bad... We were surprised to have this one all to ourselves. Last time through this area a large RV and handful of cars deterred us from a stopover. I later found out that some guy lived in the RV, even through the winter without heat. Short hike, decent soak, lots of trash and mediocre soaking conditions made me think this to be a below average HS. There is however, plenty of potential. Plus, the pool's temperature is near perfect for optimal soaking. Bring your foot gear as hot water enters this HS through the bottom of the pool.
Rating D

Average Rating: D

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