Thursday, April 5, 2007

Henry Yuen Naturist Paintings . . . Realistic

Unclad 2007 is underway right now in the Portland area (see the Google Calendar in the sidebar for details) . . . and the exhibition was recently in the Puget Sound area. I do hope some of you got a chance to enjoy the fine naturist art . . . and more hopefully, managed to enjoy it in the nude at the special nude receptions held.

Henry Yuen is one of those special artists and we all enjoy his naturist watercolors and screen and stencil prints. If you didn't get a chance to view his artwork at Unclad, pay a visit to his website and check out the relaxing imagery he has created that beautifully mimic that way we feel about the naturist lifestyle. I was looking though the images recently and found myself coming back to the one entitled "work party", a stencil and screen of a work party at Rooster Rock State Park. It drew me in with familiarity.

Why 'familiarity'. Because when I look at the painting I recognize the people. And, I recognize myself as the wheelbarrow driver, since that was what I was doing for four or five long hours on the day of this work party. I could be wrong but I'm going to allow myself this little belief . . . and I'm going to go out and buy a copy to remind me of the great time we all had at Rooster Rock that August.

Speaking of which, don't forget that a cleanup is again scheduled for the first weekend of August for another one of these cleanups, and like the past ones, it is a weekend affair: work party at Rooster Rock on Saturday, overnight at Mountaindale Sun Resort (waived grounds fees for work party), followed by a cleanup at Sauvies Island on Sunday and a day of sunshine at Collins Beach. As we get closer to that event I will post more details in this blog as well as my Google Calendar.

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