Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Goldmyer Hot Springs Access Conditions

From Beth at Goldmyer Hot Springs

As of April 3, 2007: It's officially spring! That means snowmelt in the mountains, and changeable road and river conditions (depending on temperature and rainfall) along the Middle Fork Road. For example: If we get real heavy rainfall in a relatively short period of time (like ended up happening in the mountains overnight 3/23 and 24th) then the river will rise quickly and the flow-over channels along the road will run (and sometimes wash rock and gravel out with the flow). It's very dramatic to be in the middle of a high water event, hense the comments attached to the 3-23 update! There was no significant road damage as a result of the 3-24 high water event. Alternately for example: If we have a stretch of cool and dryish conditions, then the river will be more moderate in depth and the road fairly dry (like the last week and currently). The weather forecast for the remainder of this week calls for warming temperatures and rain showers off and on. This forecast would indicate the likelihood of snowmelt picking up again as the week progresses.... no way to know how much (or little) the river might rise up by Goldmyer.

Right now, high clearance vehicles can drive all the way to the river ford, where the river is about mid-thigh-ish deep. The Goldmyer property is clear of snow. High clearance vehicles will most likely still be stopped by snow maybe a mile before the upper footbridge trailhead. There is likely about 2 feet of snow at the trailhead. Snowshoes are probably still a good thing to have if you're using the footbridge access because if the snow is soft you'll 'post-hole' down into the snow. 'Post-holing' it's very painful on the backbone. The (footbridge) trail probably drops back below the snowline somewhere around the footbridge (appox. 2 miles into the hike).

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