Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yours Trully Wins $500 for an idea . . .

For those who are observant you may have noticed those cute little bubble icons next to many of the links in my posts that , if you hover your cursor over them, will display a small preview of the website underneath that link. It's a nifty service called SnapPreview. The service is free to website owners/operators and provides some real value-added usefullness. The preview allows you to see what the link is all about without leaving my blog.

SnapPreview just ran an Extreme Makeover Contest to solicit ideas from users of their service to make SnapPreview even more useful. I was one of those who submitted my ideas and today I just found out that I won $500 for an idea to enable flagging of malicious-content at the preview.

Comment Winners ($500 + Snap T-Shirt)

Contestant: bangedupshins [commenting on an idea to flag malicious sites]
Comment: I was going to suggest this but I defer.

This is an excellent idea as Site Advisor is already compatible with the major browsers. My visitors expect me not to lead them astray to a site that may be malicious or spammy in nature . . . a small traffic signal type icon (red, amber, green) to indicate what Site Advisor thinks of this site would be nice.

Also, return the labels on sites with ICRA RDF files.

These suggestions would take up little real estate and provide visitors with infomation to make a choice about whether to click that link or not.

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