Friday, April 20, 2007

Some of the funnier Search Engine 'keywords' used to reach this blog

Just a sampling of a few of the keywords visitors typed into a search engine to reach my site today. There were a fair share of terms in bad taste or inappropriate . . . I just dismiss those. These ones I thought slightly amusing . . . trying to guess the motivation of the person doing the searching.

diving nudes - None here yet but I'm working on taking a vacation to the Tropics (and warmer water) so I can snorkel nude. Stay tuned . . .

beckler river wa acreage sale - I keep seeing this same key phrase in my stats and I would really like to know what acreage is for sale. I'd like to buy some myself.

middle eastern nudes - Must be the connections coming from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and such. Haven't you folk got any nudes yourself? I suppose I count as I have a small percentage of Syrian lineage in me.

Percentage of hot tub users who are nude - Hmmmm . . . academic research. At a guess I would say every hot tub that has ever existed has probably seen 100% nude use in the wee hours of the night when the neighbour isn't looking. But on the other hand, if you are asking what percentage of nude use happens in a hot tub at a nudist resort, the answer is an unequivocable One Hundred Percent!

dermatology story naked embarrassed - I haven't the faintest idea what this person was looking for. I don't think the answer is anywhere in my blog.

george - Sorry, don't know George. Try whitepages dot com . . . this is a site about naturism.

"stevens to snoqualmie" under one day - I assume that since this blog is about nude hiking (in part) that you're asking if you can hike from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass in one day. Sorry. Can't be done. The most direct through trail, the PCT, covers 30 hard and strenous miles. If you can cover 30 miles of backcountry miles in one day you need to sign up for the next Olympics!

clothes free au naturel (sic) - ahhhh . . . they basically mean the same thing . . .

NAKED WOMEN AT BAGBY HOT SPRINGS - Of course they're naked in the private soaking rooms. Why would you wear clothes while soaking. In any case, I ain't got any pictures of naked women soaking at Bagby Hot Springs . . . and turn off the CAPS!

weather for wreck beach vancouver too cold in april - Too cold for what? Are you answering your own question in the query? The weather is starting to warm up and I bet it's going to get real nice soon.

and finally,

what happens in nude saunas - We get naked (that's the nude part), and we sit back and bake ourselves in 140-170F heat for as long as we can take it (that's the sauna part). If we wore clothes they'd be completely soaked in perspiration within moments; and it's far too hot to do anything else other than chat. Believe me, little else happens in a nude sauna so get those dirty thoughts out of your head.

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