Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Added Value of Club Membership: Nude Swims

Cooling off from a hot tub soak with a stroll
around the manicured grounds

Club membership has more value than just the fellowship of other people who enjoy naturism as you do . . . there are some real tangible benefits. Landed clubs have their swimming pools and they are available to guests who are AANR or TNS members. But did you know that most non-landed clubs . . . the travel clubs . . . also make arrangements to offer nude swims for their members at rented or donated facilities?

Poolside in the large, 80F facility, with gorgeous scenic views over Puget Sound
(Note: I obscure the faces as a matter of policy . . . unless
explicitly asked to do otherwise. We take our members
privacy and comfort levels seriously)

Such is the case with the SLUGS where we have the use of a luxurious, private facility for monthly swims over the cooler autumn, winter and spring months. Our last swim for this season was on May 3rd and we really appreciate being able to enjoy some nude time outside of the drab weather we are still experiencing here in Seattle.

Soaking away in the hot tub and enjoying good conversation

The facility we are blessed to use is graciously offered to the SLUGS by one of our members . . . with a slight charge to offset costs. Besides the large pool and hot tub, there is a great sauna (my favorite place), changing rooms with showers and even hairdryers, a great room with TV, beverage and snack bar, and a music room. The facilities are offered clothing-optional and within reason you can wander the grounds and enjoy panoramic views from bluff-side of Puget Sound.

Now, that benefit is worth the already low cost of my SLUGS membership already!!!

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