Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nude Beach in Seattle? Time to Voice Your Thoughts

An update from Daniel Johnson of the subject of a recent NAC Action Alert . . . a call for nudists, naturists and all-American skinny-dippers to push and petition the City of Seattle (and specifically Seattle Parks and Recreation) to include room for a designated clothing-optional beach in Seattle much like the popular beach in our neighbors to the south, Oregon, and to the north, British Columbia.

As Daniel noted in several naturist forums, perhaps we weren't clear enough or maybe they just weren't willing to hear what numerous skinny-dippers had to say on the need and desire for a designated clothing-optional beach.

I believe the time is nigh near for the currents to change and bring Washington State and Seattle into line with it's neighbors by recognizing the value designation would have. But we can only do it if we all stand up and voice our opinions both to our elected officials . . . and to Dewey Potter, our freshly appointed Parks Department Superintendent. Push for a designated beach . . . and keep pushing!

Local Group Wants Nude Beach in Seattle
KCPQ Staff

May 1, 2008, 11:06 PM PDT

Seattle -- The water is a little chilly now, but as the weather warms up nudists will start hopping in the water at a secluded stretch of shoreline at Magnuson Park.

Daniel Johnson of the Seattle Free Beach Campaign says there are plenty of beaches in Seattle where people skinny dip, but he wants an "official" clothing optional beach. "An area that's actually signed for clothing optional use, so that people feel safe using the beach. They won't get hassled by police and just inform people around them they'll be using the beach in a clothing optional way."

Seattle Parks and Recreation says they haven't heard a lot of people request one. Says spokesperson Dewey Potter, "We don't really see the need but he (Johnson) does."

Johnson says there are thousands of skinny dippers in our area, many traveling to Oregon and Canada just to have a hassle free dip.

He's says the beach could be anywhere but the tree covered area south of the dog park at Magnuson Park would be a good spot. Says Johnson, "It has a tradition of already being used so it would be a no brainer to put up a sign informing people.

But Parks and Rec says if Seattle gets a clothing optional beach it won't be anytime soon. Says Potter, "We're in the process of crafting a plan that's going to guide all of our actions in regard to care of parks and the future of recreation for the next five years and in that context there might be consideration of a policy on that."

Johnson says it's time to start a discussion on how skinny dipping can have a place in Seattle parks. "So we can try to make these areas safe, self policing and accepted by the community."

The Seattle Free Beach Campaign and other pro-skinny dipping groups are planning to write the Parks and Rec department, and go to the strategic action plan meetings to push the idea of the clothing optional beach.
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