Monday, May 26, 2008

Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii Video

In an earlier post on Rooster Rock water levels at the clothing-optional portion of the beach a commenter attempted to bring up that age-old argument linking a causal effect between nude beaches and sexual activity that is often cited as a reason nudity is not okay. What most of us nudists (and certainly law enforcement and park employees) know is that, by and large, clothing-optional beaches are amongst some of the safest places to be. You can expect a friendly atmosphere and a place where people of all ages, shapes and body types are welcome and accepted.

I came across this amateur video that gives an idea of this accepting and care-free environment on . . . Little Beach on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Watching the video look at how relaxed everyone is . . . how everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, from children to adults. There is no leering . . . no public sex or inappropriate activity taking place. Just normal people enjoying the beach, water, sun and friends.

Collins Beach is much like Little Beach on Maui in this respect. Rooster Rock is being taken back by responsible nudists and inappropriate activity being taken care of and prosecuted. A nude beach is only as good as those stewards who take an active interest and advocate to keep it safe and friendly. That's why I support the efforts of AANR-NW GAT beach cleanups and ORCOBA beach advocacy. These organizations work tirelessly to keep these beach open for use and safe for everyone.

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