Friday, May 2, 2008

I Love Comments and Questions, Hint, Hint!!!

. . . and I love to share them with the other readers.

Let's face it, this blog is an attempt to portray a positive, unshameful light on the nudist lifestyle. I get my share of visitors who are simply surfing here because of a search on the terms "nude", "naked" and such . . . and hoping to see something to titillate.

There are also a number of frequent visitors whom share this same wonderful and healthy lifestyle with myself and with whom I carry on great conversations "off list".

Then there are those who have that curiosity, yet haven't gotten beyond the 'closet nudist' stage. Perhaps they relive my adventures and eventually come to do some of these things themselves. There is confidence in the realization that, yes, others do feel the same way that you do and that there are an awful lot of people recreating nude who don't necessarily know that they are nudists. There is nothing perverted about wanting to be naked in your own space or amongst others who feel the same way.

So we need feedback. We need your questions just as much as you probably want answers or reassurance.

You could, of course, just leave a comment on a particular blog posting (and many do). But I'm going to make it easier. I've just added a Comment Widget to the lower Sidebar of this blog where you can ask any question you like or leave a comment in general (if it's at least related to nudism or naturism). Wonder why I post full frontal pictures of myself? Others have questioned my logic and sanity offline and my answer is because I want to show there is no shame . . . that my being nude is absolutely natural and the more pictures I post the more acceptable it might eventually become . . . the more likely a newbie to the nudist lifestyle will accept how natural and unshameful being nude is.
Right Sidebar, scroll down below "Nudes in the News"

So comment or question away. Look down in the right sidebar most of the way down. I'll answer as promptly and honestly as I can.

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