Thursday, May 1, 2008

Congress finally OKs Wild Sky Wilderness

For this nudist hiker, the Wild Sky Wilderness area has been one of my favorite places to head. The area is reasonably accessible and closer to Seattle than the more traditional trails of the Stevens Pass and Snoqualmie Pass areas, the area is at a lower elevation giving me more opportunities to hike nude for the better part of the year, and much of the area is unknown or ignorned by many hikers. The area offers a lot of solitude and plenty of places to explore au'natural.

The Index-Galena Road and the Beckler River Road form crescent arms that bisect deep into the wilderness and provide great access to many parts of the wilderness. The banner image of me skinny-dipping in the North Fork of the Skykomish River is situated well within the Wild Sky Wilderness. I do not want to see any development take away my opportunties in this area.

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