Thursday, May 1, 2008

Glassbar Island Nude Beach Volunteers

Images credit Glassbar Island Nude Beach Volunteers

"As we floated down the river we could see natives,
sunning themselves - naked, on an island." - unknown

A view from the Plum Tree on the island . . . a popular gathering place

Glassbar Island has a long history of clothing-optional use . . . formerly under the name of Bring Beach, so named because it was behind the Bring Recycling facility. Over the years, Bring Beach had a storied past and . . . some problems. Both AANR-NW and ORCOBA got involved in trying to encourage user groups, mainly through SOLV-sponsored cleanups.

Now that the Bring Recycling Center has moved a push to bring back the historical and proper name for the island . . . and to formalize preservation matters to keep this beach clean, safe, non-discriminatory and clothing-optional, has led to a new AANR-sanctioned group being formed . . . the Glassbar Island Nude Beach Volunteers, a 100% AANR club promoting public lands nudism.

The Glassbar Island Nude Beach Volunteers have formed a new, moderated Yahoo Users Group, glassbarisland, as an adjunct the the old Bring Beach group sponsored by ORCOBA. They have also created a very well-done website with history, directions and great photos of the Glassbar Island environs.

Glassbar Island is located in Eugene, Oregon within easy distance of the city. Nudist accommodations are available for rooms or camping at the Willamettan's Family Nudist Resort in nearby Springfield, and the ever-popular and clothing-optional friendly Terwilliger Hot Springs east of Eugene in the foothills of the Oregon Cascades.

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