Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Carkeet Park, Richmond Beach & Point Wells: Nude Beach Stroll Potential

Aerial of the Puget Sound shoreline from Carkeet Park north
(to the right in the image), to Richmond Beach; and showing
the Point Wells area to the far right. The 'yellow' path indicates
potential for hiking nude.

Much of the Puget Sound region north of Seattle is steep bluffs with a narrow shoreline occupied mainly by the BNSF railway tracks. The nature of the terrain limits home building so much of this area is pristine and secluded . . . perfect for a nude stroll along the shoreline.

The beach, itself, is a narrow strip of gravel, rocks and in many places little gems of sandy bars . . . best exposed at low tide. The rocks can be slippery so wear good shoes.

Two potentials exist just north of Seattle:
  • A nice long stroll from the north end of Carkeek Park to Richmond Beach (about 3 1/2 miles one way). As noted,much of this shoreline is hidden from view by the rugged bluffs. Much of this shoreline is passable during times of low tide; and is not frequented much.
  • A nude beach stroll on Point Wells tidal flats (beach). North of Richmond Beach is the Point Wells oil tank area, and north of that, south from the Edmonds marina is an informal nude beach; the very south end by Point Wells is gay. People on the trains look out to see if there are any nudists on the beach. The area is patrolled at times by the railroad police.
    Information from Dick M of Washington Freehikers

    Point Wells is accessed north of Richmond Beach Park in Shoreline, and south of Edmonds Beach in Edmonds. Illegal to access by land. To get to the beach, people trespass on property owned by either the railroad or the petroleum company. Accessible by boat/kayaking.
Much of these shorelines are only usable during times of low tide so check tide charts. A good source for tides is the iWindsurf website . . . and example below.

tide graph
Tides for Edmonds, WA for May 27th. Note the low tide at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Above all, be careful. Plan your hike to get back long before the tide changes. Be careful above walking the tracks. Trains are frequent and fast moving. Though you will have solitude most of the time, be aware of your surroundings, new construction on the bluffs overhead, and the occasional beach comber.

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