Saturday, May 31, 2008

Collins C/O Beach, Sauvies Island - Conditions

Collins Beach is one of two officially-designated clothing-optional beach in the Portland area (the other being the clothing-optional section of Rooster Rock State Park near Troutdale).

The Columbia River is still running high with the spring snow melt, so portions of the beach remain under water. By high summer there will be lots of hot sandy wide beach to work on your tan lines. Entrance #2 leads to probably the best part where most people go . . . families and volleyball players. If you haven't been to Collins Beach you are definitely missing out on a great place (and great people).

For the hardcore nudists (or just about anyone who doesn't want to keep the clothes on and needs a place to stay), friendly, idyllic Mountaindale Sun Resort is nearby where you can enjoy their facilities and lodging nude for really reasonable rates . . . and get back to the beach the following day for some more sun.

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Conditions - From a post in a naturist forum today:
2, 3 and 4 are under water, 5 has quite a bit of high ground and you have to wade for beach at 6.

There were probably about 50 people there today soaking up the wonderful sun!
The entrances are numbered 1-6 from the start of the gravel road after pavement. Entrance 1 leads to a clothing required section of the beach . . . the rest go onto the clothing-optional parts. Do not undress in the parking lot or on the short trails. Wait until you are on the beach.

Be sure to pick up a parking pass at the grocery store as you cross over the bridge to the island. I believe they are still $3.50 for the day. Good place to stock up on ice, beverages and food for your stay on the beach.

How to get to Collins Beach:
(Showing routes to/from both Collins Beach as well as Rooster Rock State Park C/O Beach and Mountaindale Sun Resort. From Seattle, Collins is best approached via Kelso/Longview over the Lewis & Clark Bridge and OR-30. Rooster Rock is via the I-205 Bypass and 84. The map also shows the shortcut route to Mountaindale over the Cornelius Pass . . . a great timesaver.)

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